Street Smart is currently beta testing

Street Smart is a new spatial data platform that helps businesses who don't have a large Business Intelligence team to understand their customer data in a quick and simple way.

Street Smart visualises your website data to show to a street level the location of your visitors when they visit your website. It then visualises open data overlays to give you a better idea of the user personas that live in those areas.

Street Smart is a real time product which means that when visitors hit your website, they are represented immediately in the platform's analytics. This is extremely useful in time sensitive situations and for campaign monitoring or assessing digital advertising spends.

Because we are in beta, we are looking for businesses that would be interested in participating in a trial to help us understand how the product can improve and any other value that it brings, outside of its core purpose. If you are interested in getting more detailed information on your web site visitors please register your interest with the form below.

Please note, for the beta test to work, we are looking for a diverse cross section of participants. If you register, you may not be selected to participate in the case we have enough testers in your industry. We will however, happily organise a live demo for you at your convenience and will contact you after your registration.

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